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Born in Houston, TX in 1966 I became enamored with holography in 1984 soon after seeing the first National Geographic with a hologram of an Eagle on the cover.

Up to that point I'd never asked for much beyond the typical geek-oriented holiday and birthday gifts such as telescopes, microscopes, circuit kits and the like but that summer I bought the Holography Handbook and soon after asked my parents for a laser.

My mother liked to tell the story that after I asked for a laser she called up my father and said "he finally asked for something. He wants a laser." Unlike all her other kids I didn't ask for a car (I was 18 by this time) but asked for something right out of left field as far as they knew.

My dad scrouged a .5mW laser out of a telecopier and I set about building a 4'x4' sand table in my bedroom. I made a few transmission holograms over the next year but nothing wonderful. I did end up cracking the foundation though. Fortunately my parents were forgiving.

Since diving back into holography in 2003 I've made hundreds of holograms, some not worth keeping but I keep most anyway and have made many more worth keeping, selling, giving away to friends and associates as well as hanging on my walls.

I enjoy sharing what I know in person, on the Holography Forum, through the PCG and tutorials on my web site.

The full body of my work is available on my web site at Dragon's Eye Holography