Laminating Film to Glass

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From Hanz:

A much better method was to use a washable childrens glue (made by pritt) to stick the film to the glass. For that purpose I used a laminator. I disconnected the heating element from the laminator.

Here is the procedure:

  • Tape the film on one side to a piece of 2mm thick glass.
  • Deposit a stripe of the glue where the film and glass meet.
  • Very gently allow the film to hinge onto the glass.
  • Put the glass onto a piece of paper. The paper must me larger than the glass so that it comes out of the laminator first.
  • Gently rest another piece of paper on top of the glass. (The pieces of paper prevent glue from entering the laminator).
  • Run this sandwich through the laminator.
  • If the laminator struggles to run the glass through you can pull on the two paper sheets that first come out of the laminator.
  • Let the sandwich rest for a few minutes and then pull the paper from the top of the lass. Start pulling from the side where the Scotch tape holds the one side of the film to the glass.

This method allows the film to be processed as if it were a glass plate. If you want to remove the film from the glass (when using the glue that I used), just warm it up with a hair drier. It will then just curl of the glass. Any remaining glue can be washed off with normal tap water.