Squeegee Technique

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Some emulsions are harder than others. Harder emulsions can take squeegeeing better than softer ones. BB-640 and PFG-01 are pretty hard and sqeegees well; Ultimate and PFG-03 are pretty soft and easily scratched.

  • Squeegeeing works better when a wetting agent is used. Photoflo works well, but some think it may contribute to printout. Others use the Ilford product, or just a drop of liquid soap in the final rinse.
  • You didn't say if you were using plates or film. For film, use a piece of clean glass to support it. Stick the film to the glass emulsion side down a la index matching and squeegee the back. The remove the film, squeegee the glass dry, and stick the film back onto the glass emulsion side up and squeegee that side last.
  • For glass plates, the sharp edge of the glass will make cuts in the rubber blade, which will leave streaks next time. To minimize this problem, make a jig that keeps the wiper blade in the same position relative to the plate every time. This way the cuts will always be close to the edge of the glass.