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'''<big>Special Announcement:</big>'''<br><big>Cecil Cross, wife to Lloyd Cross, invites everyone to a celebration of Lloyd's life and accomplishments Monday, September 7, 2015.</big>
<big>As many of you know, Lloyd passed away April 28 of this year, leaving a legacy of achievement in laser physics and holography. A re-posting of his obituary can found here:</big>
<big>The celebration is from 3pm to 7pm at Cecil and Lloyd's home, 38991 Eureka Hill Road, Point Arena. The setting in Northern California is quite attractive, and an exploration of Lloyd's lab and his projects and the company of others in attendance will make it well worth the trip. All are welcome to attend -- family, friends, holographers, and even those just curious about holography.</big>
'''<big>Welcome to the [ Holography Forum's] Holography Wiki - A Holography FAQ and Database for anyone who makes holograms.</big>'''

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