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'''<big>Welcome to the [ Holography Forum's] Holography Wiki - A Holography FAQ and Database for anyone who makes holograms.</big>'''
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| [[Image:HoloforumLogo.gif|left|link=]] <br /> '''<big></big>'''<br />A place to discuss holography
<big>{{note |
''Update, 2015-01-06:'' '''The new Holography Forum is up and running.''' Since updates to the Internet's domain name system (DNS) take a while to propagate, so the new link above (click on the image), may not work yet for you. It may take as long as 24 hours, but then should be just fine.
''Update, 2015-01-05:'' Ok, well, January 5 may have been a little too ambitious. The new forum
site is ready to go, but the domain name system (DNS) still needs to be updated to make the new

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