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'''''' is the online discussion vehicle for an eclectic group of holography enthusiasts, experts, amateurs, and professionals. The forum itself is a wealth of information, and new topics for discussion are always welcome. Newcomers are warmly welcomed.
{{note |
* 09 May 2014 -- Hurray!! The original forum site has returned. Many thanks to the forum administrator for remedying the database problem. Meanwhile, the short-lived forum replica built at the holowiki site will be decommissioned now that the original has returned.
* 08 May 2014 -- Still no response from the site administrator of However, to get things back online, a copy of the forum has been installed on the wiki site. ''HOLOWIKI.NSS.RPI.EDU/forum'' is the current site for the holography forum.
* 06 May 2014 -- Not sure what the situation is with ''''. I will update the status, here, as information becomes available.
* 02 May 2014 -- The Holography Forum is experiencing temporary technical difficulties. The site administrator has been informed | reminder }}
You may browse the various discussion threads as a guest, and it costs nothing to sign up as a full forum member.

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