Sergey Vorobyov

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A physicist, expert in holography, Ph. D. of technical sciences. Sergey Vorobyov has been studying holography since second year of the university. During 30 years of his work, he took part in the development of the main directions of applied holography - hologram manufacturing on silver-halide photomaterials, hologram production on dichromate gelatin, manufacturing of holograms for information systems, embossed and color holography and etc. Sergey Vorobyov was a member of the commission on industrial application of photoplates for holography: PFG-01, PFG-02, PFG-03, PFG-04 at the Slavich company. He took part in testing those plates and optimization of the manufacturing process.

Sergey Vorobyov is director of holographic studio at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (Moscow). He developed unique technology of recording and copying of pulse holograms. Commercial manufacturing of display holograms has been organized with his help. Sergey constantly improves technology of manufacturing of transmission and reflection holograms.

As a holography popularizer he wrote the course "25 holography lessons". It has been published in Russian and English on web site. Sergey Vorobyov also developed the compact kit for amateur holography.