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Tools Needed:

  • Nice feature to have is quick change tool post.
  • Indexable cutter set; 5 piece holder set with different orientations of the indexable cutter bits.
  • Drill chuck/drills for tail piece. Smaller end mills also can be used.
  • 1/16" cutoff blade and holder.
  • Boring bars and holders. If you get a quick change tool post, these usually come with 5 different holders.

Make an optic adapter.

Place some round stock in the 3 jaw lathe chuck and tighten. Face the end of the part by using an indexable cutter across the face. Run a cutter along the outside diameter cutting 20 to 40 thousands off aluminum per pass. Just before the OD is reached with 10 thousands make a slow good clean pass to provide a better finish. Chuck up in the tail piece a drill and bore into the face of the part. Use progressively larger drills or end mills to get to the ID you want. If a tool is not close enough, then use a Boring bar to shave off the last little bit of ID. Use a cutoff blade tool slowly and give yourself time by pulling in and out the blade to make sure it is not wandering off at an angle or snags and breaks. Place the part in a drill press with an X Y table and drill a set screw hole or use a Mill for the same job. Hand tap the hole and place a nylon tip set screw in for the optic adapter. Square holes will require the mill and small end mills inorder to fabricate.