Kaveh Bazargan

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Optics has interested me ever since I was a small child. Everything from how a movie was projected in a cinema, to why shadows were sometimes sharp and sometimes not, constantly occupied my mind. This inquisitiveness finally led to a masters degree in Optics, at Imperial College, London. Here I developed an interest in holography, so I stayed on to complete a PhD in Display Holography. I have uploaded the thesis here.

The two areas I worked on most were natural color holography, and dispersion compensation. For colour holography I proposed using the three "prime" colors (as first identified by W A Thornton in 1971) for image recording. The work on dispersion compensation led to a compact hologram viewer which was patented, and is now marketed as the "VoxBox".

After 5 years of research in holography I was distracted by the fascinating emergence of "desktop publishing", and set up a graphics and typesetting company in 1988, which is now established and pays the bills. I am now raising my head again in holography and hope to continue where I left off. The Holographer represents my re-entry into the field.