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Drill Press


Drilling a hole in a drill press

  • Layout the position of a hole with a scribe.
  • Mark the exact hole position with a punch.
  • Drill large holes by predrilling a hole matching the diameter of the web of the drill bit.
  • Choose the correct speed for the size hole and the material being drilled.
  • When in doubt use slow speeds and strong feeds.
  • Smaller holes require quicker speeds and lighter feeds.
  • Back holes in soft materials with another piece of material to prevent "Blowout".

Seting up a drill press

  • There shold be only the smallest amount of play when trying to move the chuck back and forth by hand.
  • Make sure when drilling through work that the drill bit can not come in contact with the table.
  • Use a piece of 1/2" drill rod in the chuck with a square to measure the table for squareness.
  • Setup holes so the minimum amount of quill extention is required for drilling a hole.

Speeds and Feeds

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Soft Wood
  • Hard Wood


  • Never leave the key in the chuck wihile changing drill bits.
  • Never wear gloves while holding work in a drill press.
  • Always try to hold down work by bolting it to the table or by using a vise.
  • Always usy eye protection when using a drill press.
  • Unplug or remove the dafety key when chaning drill bits.
  • Never allow the chip fromed by drilling a hole to grow larger than 1 inch. If the chip starts to become a string relax pressure on the feed until the chip breaks off.